Postpartum Support

An Extra Heart and Hand

The postpartum stage can be extremely hard on the entire family. As a first time mom and even a third, you're still figuring out how to care for a new baby and balance yourself and your family. Sometimes an extra hand can really be the added piece needed to help support a healthy recovery. 

Although some of my packages include doula support, sometimes you want more one-on-one support and I want to be sure that is available to you. 

You can add postpartum support in single visits or add a package of three at a discounted price. 

These packages vary, so please reach out so I can get a better idea of what you have in mind. 

Lactation support, emotional talk through about birth experience, newborn care, overnight support, light housekeeping, sibling care, light meal planning/errand running, and/or any other needs are available!

Image by Taylor Harding